SMBs are the Bastion of Global Employment

Small and Medium Businesses are responsible for around 50% of global employment, and, also, they are the first that suffer with economic crises.

Business Brazil 2013

There are a couple of years that I don’t write here but regarding last events in Brazil, I believe that a small description of the current environment (politics and economics) may help who intends to invest in Brazil.

Doing Business in Brazil – Part 4

Just a quick update about some figure recently published. The Brazilian GDP Growth Rate of the second quarter reached 1.9%, removing Brazil from the "pseudo-recession" and returned to the same level of the first quarter of 2008, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

Globalization Strategy Focused on Small Businesses

This post is for Portuguese language readers and it is about a project - book - that we finished couple years ago and decided to publish it. It is a different vision of globalization and with a sistemic and transdisciplinary approach. It is not a "recipe" or a "magic plan" to develop internationalization of small and medium companies.

Change Management – Part 6

In this last part, the objective is to revise some points about human resources and to present a more pragmatic vision about change, with a perspective of a process. So that, in the overall, it will be possible to have a systemic vision, as before mentioned, as well, to have a detailed vision of a singular process of change.